- Merides -

The southern region of Italy known as Meridies was originally named the Kingdom of Naples by the Romans. More recent history has infamously associated this area with the Cosa Nostra Maffia family whose influence dominated the unique culture of Naples and its rich history of tailoring - a history that has had a major influence on the traditional British style of suit making.


The Castor Pollux Fall/Winter collection is influenced by Neapolitan traditional formal wear sartorially designed to characterize an unconstructed over-all impression of slooping shoulders and slightly puffy sleeves, scooped pockets and rounded edges.

The Castor Pollux Fall/Winter collection is presented in classic luxurious trim material and fabrics from the most respected and well known fabric mills in Italy. The use of classic patterns and the small, sublime details all pay homage to the Roman inspiration from where the inspiration for this collection originates. This Neapolitan classic look has been renewed and re-invented through the presentation of innovative and experimental silhouettes; and by the frequent use of unexpected fabric trims such as python skin, suede and subtle patterns from the 70's.

The combination of these elements creates this elusive look of timelessness: a classic and former conservative design that's been interestingly modernized and refreshed.