- Ultra Silvam -

The inspiration for the Fall/Winter collection 2015 comes from Transylvania, which was a former part of the Roman Empire and was known by them as Ultra Silvam "Behind the forest".


In the English speaking world, Transylvania is commonly associated with vampires due to the influences of Bran Stoker's novel Dracula, which in turn was influenced by Vlad III, the Prince Of Wallachia.

The classic part of the Castor Pollux Fall/Winter 2015 collection showcase the Italian and British heritage of traditional silhouettes and cuttings and is presented in luxurious fabrics and trims typically from both Italy and England.

This seasons classic collection has been inspired and subtly influenced and modernized by a blend of Eastern Europe gothic-military impact.

These influences are seen in the choice of colours and the experimental military diagonal cut silhouettes, metal buttons and gothic influenced detailings on the collars, the prints and in the trim fabrics.

The colour palette used include black, antracite grey, mid grey, royal blue, dark red and blood red. The contrasting flax colour is used to inject some interesting brightness to this relatively dark and yet sophisticated collection.