- Caledonia -

Castor by Castor Pollux Line

This year’s theme is inspired by the closed mines, the shipyards in the ports and the steam locomotive engines from the beginning of 20th century Scotland. At that time Scottish workers usually worked in their shirts and their suit jackets which in many cases were made from home-woven fabrics. Their garments were stained with oil and coal, which have been contemporarily recreated through the choice of fabrics and through stone washing.

The collection is unconstructed and the shirts have soft collars or are collarless. The collection is tailored using brushed oxford fabrics, neps, hop-sack, chambré or structure fabrics in denim. The patterns are typically British but the preppy look and colourful palette have been toned downed. Herringbone patterns, glen check and tartans have gained their patina by repeated washing or through other methods. The palette is minimalistic and industrially cold and consists of indigo blue, navy, beige and brown colours.

This is a dressed up work-wear look for the stylish young denim guy who has outgrown his t-shirt.





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