- Caledonia -

Castor Pollux Line

Caledonia is where the Roman twins Castor and Pollux head to for the fall and winter 2016 collection. Inspired by an area in the North East of Scotland which the Romans once called Caledonia, the Castor Pollux FW 2016 is influenced by this ancient providence where the Romans conquered the Caledonians and occupied their land around 84 A D.

The foundations for the soft, deep yet melancholic palette in the Castor Pollux FW 2016 collection are grand. The bare and dramatic Scottish highlands, its barren majestic mountains, the cool winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the many brick-red clan castles dotting this unique area have been translated into this season’s colour palette: olive green, deep bottle green, brick red, whiskey brown, dark brown, navy blue and pea green-yellow colours.

Fine Scottish traditions and the distinguished sports of the aristocracy are reflected in the detailing of the garments and the choices of materials and the patterns of the fabrics in this year’s collection. The collection is presented through modified fox hunting coats, updated Scottish tartans and herringbone designs and, as customary with any Castor Pollux line, authentic Roman design. This collection showcases wool and cotton flannels and bouclé. Both lambskin and goatskin in different types of leathers such as nubuck, suede, and nappa are featured. The contemporary, more thematic shirts in this year’s collection are made of oxford fabric and flannel, both of which origin from Scotland. The classic shirts come in time honoured colours inspired by the manners of a gentlemen, while the knitted garments are available in blends of Merino and Kashmir.

The revised Scottish country style look, flirting with the 1970s as well as with the 1920s, all create the Castor Pollux FW 2106 collection where innovative and updated silhouettes blend with textures that appeal to the genuine and self-minded connoisseur.



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