- Constantinople -

Istanbul, or Constantinople as the Romans referred to it, is a unique blend of Roman and Ottoman histories. An east meets west cultural diversity blends with an ever present religious divide to create the city of opportunities - a place where colour and patterns stimulate the senses and inspire the imagination.


The palette used in the Castor Pollux Spring and Summer 2014 collection samples earthy khaki browns and sand to reflect these diversities, while the aquatic blue is reminiscent of the river Bosphorus that divides the Asian city from its European counterpart. The spring/summer 2014 collection frequently uses midnight blue and dark fuchsia - colours that are borrowed from the Istanbul skyline at dawn.

The luxurious trim materials and fabrics are produced by the most respected and well known fabric mills in Italy. The classic patterns and small, sublime details pay homage to the Roman heritages that are the main Castor Pollux influences.

This season is trimmed with the typical Turkish patterns of paisleys and flowers originally used by the Ottomans, modernised into contemporary detailing that is reminiscent of a 1970's avant‑gardist. The overall look is one of timelessness - all classical tailoring and 1920's eccentricity and sophistication.