- Carthago -

The inspiration for the spring/summer Collection 2015 for the Castor Pollux is drawn from the former Roman colony Carthago, the ruins of which can be seen outside Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia in the region the romans called Africa Terra.


The rich cultural history of Carthago was the inspiration for the collections paisley and flower pattern and its use of linen. The mixture of linen, cotton and silk is typical for the northern African region.

The collection borrows colours typical of the North Africa and are heavily influenced by the exotic spices of authentic Tunisian cuisin as well as the surrounding Meditteranean and Saharan desert landscapes: Tumeric, Saffron, Azure blue, Cobolt blue, Sahara sand and optical white.

The use of North African paislyes and flower patterns and the small, sublime details all pay homage to the Roman inspiration where the inspiration for the brand Castor Pollux orginates.

The combination of these elements creates an elusive look of timelessness: classic and former conservative designs which have been interestingly modernized and re-interpreted.